What is Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy is a unique form of psychological therapy using active, creative and playful methods to facilitate exploration, insight, growth and healing.


Express feelings, thoughts and emotions.


Explore themes, issues, concerns and relationships with others.


Experience different ways of viewing yourself, others and the world.

Why Dramatherapy?

Dramatherapy enables people to improve emotional and psychological health, social relationships and overall wellbeing.

Dramatherapy can enable Children, Young People and Adults to improve & develop:

  • Emotional & Physical Recovery
  • Coping Strategies and Emotional Resilience
  • Communication and Expression of Emotions
  • Making choices and problem-solving
  • Autonomy & Independence
  • Creativity, Play, Imagination and engagement with the world
  • Insight, Understanding and Empathy
  • Confidence & Self-Esteem
  • Social skills and Relationship building

Regular Sessions

Sessions are structured around each individual or group’s preferences and will work towards each person’s needs and wishes.

Karen can offer a variety of creative tools to work with during sessions, suitable for each group or individual. These may include:

Talking, playing and using the imagination
Movement and using the body
Music, sound and voice
Art: drawing, sculpting, puppets, masks
Story making and Story telling
Sand Play
Using text such as poetry, song lyrics, films, life scripts.
Creating and exploring characters & roles
Relaxation and Mindfulness

Therapeutic Projects

Karen will offer your Organisation a bespoke Therapeutic, Experiential and Creative Arts workshop/project.

Commissioned Workshops and Projects would be developed alongside the needs and aims of the Children, Young People, Adults or Families you serve.

Therapeutic Project Examples

Developing emotional resilience through spontaneous play & creativity
Creating group stories to gain personal insight and build relationships with others
Developing communication & expression through body & voice
Creatively exploring and managing caring roles i.e. New Mums & Dads, Young Carers, Foster/Adoptive parents.

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