Due to the confidential nature of therapy, some names may have been changed or omitted.

Creative Training Testimonials

I have learnt and am taking away balance & harmony – a reflective template for opposing energies to reside in a complementary way.



I have learnt how to use some different techniques in my work. I enjoyed the hand sculpting because they would be easy to use with clients. Karen approach was clear, concise and respectful.

Pauline Crame


I enjoyed doing something totally different. I’ve learnt the potential in using other ways of accessing feelings, thoughts etc.  Karen’s approach was relaxed and reassuring.


Trainee Counsellor

I enjoyed the Sculpting – the movement visual provided real insight to the subconscious.  I’ve learnt the way I portray my subconscious in my body sculpts.  Karen’s approach was brilliant; Great connectivity…great interaction and explanation.

Jo Alcoch

IAPT & Trainee Counsellor

I enjoyed the mask work and potential application of it, and learning more about Dramatherapy on the whole.  I’ve learnt some useful tools and how they can be used.  Karen’s approach was great.  I felt safe which helped me enjoy the morning

Tom Parsons

IAPT Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner

Healthcare Testimonials

It was nice to be different and learn about yourself by playing.

Community Mental Health Project

Dramatherapy gives me a break. It is like hanging up your skin and being someone else.

Community Mental Health Project

Karen brought loads of new ideas to our community drama group, some of which we are still using today. I cannot recommend her too highly!

Roland Javanaud

Manager, Glossop Community Mental Health Project

I want to keep and take away the feeling of camaraderie with my group. It’s been good company.

Community Mental Health Project

Education Testimonials

As a Head of Year I felt the sessions Karen delivered to Year 10 pupils were invaluable, not only for the original purpose but offering the girls a new experience and having their tutors work with them has improved the bond between them. I would, without doubt, recommend Karen’s use of Dramatherapy to any school hoping to do something a little different to get engage their pupils in looking at their lives from a different perspective. We hope to offer Karen the opportunity to work with us further to assist those pupils struggling more overtly with stress and self-esteem issues.

Mrs Rachael Whitton

Head of Year 10, Woldingham School

I enjoyed drawing the story and learnt every journey has obstacles that you can overcome.

Year 10, Woldingham School

I enjoyed creating a path because we could express ourselves. I have learnt to persevere with my fears. Karen was positive and motivating.

Year 10, Woldingham School

I liked talking about overcoming our problems because I thought it was nice to see you aren’t alone in your issues. I learnt that your weaknesses don’t define you.

Year 10, Woldingham School

I enjoyed acting out our journeys, due to everyone getting involved. I have learnt to let stress go/relax and focus on what I am aiming for.

Year 10, Woldingham School

I enjoyed acting out our Journeys because I realised the things I found difficult, my friends also found hard. I’ve learnt I can solve a difficult task step-by-step. It was extremely fun and we learned a lot from Karen.

Year 10, Woldingham School

Regular Dramatherapy Sessions

Karen is a conscientious, organised and caring professional, who has demonstrated a passionate commitment to supporting our student’s emotional and psychological needs through Dramatherapy.

Judith Humphry

Head Teacher, Welcombe School

.Dramatherapy was fun and I liked dressing up, making characters and stories. When I get distracted at school I get into trouble and I don’t like that…In Dramatherapy, I thought I wasn’t distracted and thought sometimes I can be good.

Male Student

Age 7

I liked playing games and making my mask…sometimes it was hard. Sometimes I know what I want but it’s hard to say, so I liked not always talking. I learnt that it is not easy to decide for myself always, so I can ask someone for help.

Male Student

Age 7

I liked the drawings. I also liked the cards with the emotions. I like dramatherapy cos’ it releases the stress. Dramatherapy has helped me with getting to talk about my feelings.

Female Student

Age 15

[Dramatherapy] was fun, we played games and the time flies by. My angry [name] is not so difficult. My anger is less now.

Male Student

Age 14

I liked going on adventures, using the camera and making a lot of new friends. Dramatherapy helped me make friends and play with others… and when they get in a mood and call you, it’s because I called them first, which I learnt makes them sad so don’t do it now.

Male Student

Age 8