Hear what others have to say about their experience of Dramatherapy with Karen.

Due to the confidential nature of therapy, some people have chosen to use a pseudonym or ommit their name.

Children and Young People

I liked the puppets, drum and art.  [Dramatherapy] has helped me with my SATs and to feel green for calm


Age 11

I liked going on adventures, using the camera, and playing.  Dramatherapy helped me know when other people get in a mood and call you, it’s because I called them first, which I know makes them sad now. I know what makes me sad now too.


Age 8


Karen is professional, punctual, reliable and very respectful of the child’s needs for privacy to earn her trust.  My daughter is much calmer overall and well balanced in her approach to things she finds stressful. [Dramatherapy] has a whole family impact, not just the child receiving the sessions. I would be very happy to work with Karen in the future.



It has taken time, but step by step Dramatherapy has re-built our lives and helped us move forward.  My Son has begun to find his own way and I have learnt that although we are different, we can respect each other and accept our differences.




The Dramatherapy sessions have been amazing. I shared more than I ever thought I could. Karen has been a good listener and has given me a chance to work how I needed to.  I have always felt safe with Karen. I was surprised how doing something differently could let you see so much more.


Age 22

It was nice to be different and learn about yourself by playing


Age 58


My relationship with [name] has massively improved since going to Dramatherapy.  I have a much better relationship with [name] and improved understanding of this student from the Dramatherapist.  I can leave [name] unsupervised, he takes responsibility and the most positive impact is not needing to challenge his behaviour all the time

Class Teacher

Welcombe Hills School

As a Head of Year I felt the sessions Karen delivered to Year 10 pupils were invaluable, not only for the original purpose but offering the girls a new experience and having their tutors work with them has improved the bond between them. I would, without doubt, recommend Karen’s use of Dramatherapy to any school hoping to do something a little different to get engage their pupils in looking at their lives from a different perspective. We hope to offer Karen the opportunity to work with us further to assist those pupils struggling more overtly with stress and self-esteem issues.

Mrs Rachel Whitton

Head of Year, Woldingham School

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